Aalto Formula Team ry

Aalto Formula Team ry (AFT) is a student organization for all Aalto University students to join. Our aim is to unite students from different Aalto schools and study programmes to design and build a Formula Student-class electric race car. Our students consists of all the three fields of Aalto; technology, business and arts. This has been our goal right from the start; welcome all of Aalto students regardless of the study programme and year.

Major part of the association activity is the electric race car project. This project hosts a lot of different and interesting duties in the fields of technology, business and arts. While the design and construction of the car is a large part of the project actually a big part of the competitions are a business case with marketing.  Through marketing there is also a large need for media; part of the business case and project visibility to outside. We want to be seen and heard in the campus.

AFT was founded in November 2017 and got registered a month later. AFT is also part of the first list of association in the AYY, the Aalto University Student Union. Any member of the AYY can join the association and then the project itself. Currently the association has around 100 members and more are joining constantly.

Association is managed currently by a board of 6 persons and some officials. The board is chosen at the end of every calendar year and officials can be chosen during the whole year. Main duties of board members and officials is to run the association and the project is open for all the members. Any member of the association is welcome to present their voluntary to become a board member at the autumn meeting.

How to Join?

Becoming a member of the association allows you to get more information of the project and possible events, become a part of the project team. We also have a club room/workshop at K3 which everyone is welcome to visit. You join by simply filling the membership application form.

Membership application form


The main discussion channel of the association is our own Discord channel, which general chat is open for everyone. We also have an open Telegram-channel for everyone to join. By becoming a member you can access the association channels in the Discord where are more topic specific discussion on the project and association. Join the channels, ask questions and become a member. All new ideas are really welcome to the channels.

Aalto Formula Team Discord Channel

Aalto Formula Team Telegram Channel

Short Info

  • Established in 2017
  • Approx. 100 members
  • Members from all over Aalto University


  • Mechanical Engineering/K3
  • Puumiehenkuja 5A, Basement
  • 02150 Espoo


  • aft@list.ayy.fi

Registration Number

  • 220.665

Social Media